Kindergarten B. Ring


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Beth Ring  This is a free app we use in our classroom to send reminders, communicate with parents and send videos and pictures throughout the day and week. It is a great way for me to get in touch with a parent quickly and for them to keep up with what is happening in our class! A free website to practice ELA and Math skills. You can click on the appropriate grade level and then there are fun engaging games for students to play with sight words, letter recognition, letter sounds, numbers, addition, subtraction, etc.  A fun free website that can be used to help with reading and math skills. There are sing-a-longs, nursery rhymes, readers, and even seasonal activities for students to do. This is always a favorite website of kindergarten students. Yes, there are videos for them to watch like Wild Kratts, Daniel Tiger and things like that, but there are also games that go along with those shows that can be fun and educational. 


Kindergarten Sight Word List


Ring's Read Alouds- This is my YouTube Channel.  It contains read alouds and learning videos (reading and math).